Make Money from Youtube

The internet has been one of the greatest inventions for humankind. It has changed the way we perform many of our days to day activities.

When we fall sick, we immediately check Google for the problem and the remedy.

When we click a good picture, we have to instantly post it on Facebook.

When we need to get updated on the latest news, The Guardian’s website is there to help you.

So, it came as no surprise when the internet started providing us with the means to make money. The number of online arenas that you can explore is almost overwhelming.

One of the most hyped, productive, and creative medium of online money-making is YouTube.

There are a lot of reasons as to why I say this. The four most prominent ones are;

The Big Fat Cheque

Compared to the struggling artists who live off of benefits and loans on benefits from direct lenders, a YouTuber makes a fortune.

YouTube is an online platform that can make you a millionaire. Yes, you read it, a millionaire!

The richest YouTuber at present is an 8-year-old child. Ryan Kaji has a YouTube Channel with the name Ryan’s World. His channel has about 23 million subscribers. His net worth is valued at a staggering 26 million USD.

A YouTuber can make a fortune like Ryan’s with a high subscriber count. The higher this number is, the more seriously YouTube will take you.

It works on a system called CPM, which means cost per thousand views. Right now, with every 1 million views, a YouTuber is paid $50,000.

You can imagine the money a YouTuber would make who has millions of views in a single video.

Ryan’s World’s most trending video has over a billion views; consequently, he is the richest of them all.

Then, there the ads that feature in the beginning or middle of the YouTube videos. For the viewer, they might be annoying, and we cannot wait for the tap on the “skip ad” icon.

However, for the YouTuber, it is an income cheque. Higher views would attract more brands because of the more comprehensive visibility and audience.

The Sponsorship

YouTube is also famous for sponsorships. It is another way of getting funding for filming a video.

Have you ever seen a YouTube video, wherein the person is bragging about a product? This kind of video is 100% sponsored by the boasted about the product.

What this means is the sponsor pays the YouTuber a hefty amount to talk nice things about his product, and he or she does precisely that.

It is why YouTube and even Instagram influencers are mandated by the law to let the viewer know whether or not the product they are reviewing is sponsored or not.

Because when money is involved, an honest review may not be sincere. Money can make anyone a tad bit biased.

Keeping aside the legal obligations, the majority of the YouTube videos you would see would talk about one or the other kind of product because of sponsorships. And the information they give out brings the money in for them.

The Fame

YouTube provides the influencer and the user a global platform. A person sitting in India can watch, like, comment, and share the video of a British YouTuber with ease.

So, if you become successful, your success will be known to the world, and fame will tag you along everywhere.

Nikkie Tutorials is a YouTube sensation with 13.4 million subscribers, who talk about everything related to makeup. She started her YouTube channel over a decade ago at the age of 14.

Her success took time, but she eventually made a name for herself. She has done the makeup of celebrities like Lady Gaga, Drew Barrymore, and Ashley Graham on her channel.

When she came out to the world as a transgender person on YouTube, not only did her video get over 35 million views, but she also got an acceptance that a non-YouTuber may not have gotten.

The never-ending love and support of the subscribers motivate the YouTuber more than money ever could.

The Bare Minimum Requirements

To start a YouTube channel, all you need are these two things, one of which is free.

• Creativity

The first one is creativity. There is possibly every kind of content already available on YouTube.

From the most ruthless queens in history to the ways you can renovate your bedroom free of cost everything is already there.

So, how can you make your channel seem different with the same content? The answer lies in your creativity.

How much wittiness can you add to your videos?

Are they engaging the viewer enough to watch the whole thing?

Would you have liked watching your videos, when free?

The answers to these questions will make your channel much more appealing, and the big fat cheque will eventually start rolling your way.

• A Good Camera

Since YouTube requires you to film videos and then post them online, you would need a camera to do so.

Recording a video on your phone is all fine in the short term, but if you want the quality that a YouTuber with a million subscribers have, you would need a good quality camera.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and the Canon PowerShot G7 X are the most trending ones at present, with the majority of YouTubers and Vloggers investing in them to get perfection in their videos.

A camera can be kind of expensive, and you may financially help to get it. A Credit can help you do the same with minimal obligations.

Smells like a sponsor, doesn’t it? Maybe it is, perhaps it isn’t. You take a guess.

Winding Up

YouTube is indeed a lucrative way of earning money. With the millions the YouTuber are making through post content online, I can also say it is the most bankable online money-making platform.

The fact that it allows you complete control over your videos and posts is the best part. The worst would be that it can even take years for your channel to reach a level, wherein you can make it a full-time profession.

The internet has changed the way we make money. One online avenue that is available is waiting for us to grab them and start building our fortune.