TCC Savings Account

Have you been looking for a financial institution where you can save your money and enjoy numerous privileges? If you are searching for that service, then we would like you to know more about TCC Credit Co-operative Limited (TCC). Maximizing your member privileges and achieving your financial goals through various services is the expertise of TCC Credit Co-operative.

TCC offers savings security to its members and affordable credit interest rates. TCC Credit Co-operative is a social enterprise financial institution that provides competitive savings interest rates which are higher compared to banks, as well as affordable loans. As a family-oriented credit cooperative, TCC values the well-being of members and treats them like a family.

TCC Savings Account

For you to start saving a part of your money for your future plans, TCC offers a Super Saver Account with an annual interest rate of 0.125% p.a.

TCC Credit Co-operative is a membership-based organization that is accessible to all Singaporeans or Permanent Residents. To become a member, just sign up for a Savings Account and save $10 per month on your TCC Savings Account.

Singaporeans/PRs who have already been members of TCC for a minimum of five years can request an upgrade to Ordinary members. Ordinary members will be eligible for an annual dividend on your Subscription Savings Account.

TCC’s Assistance to Members in Different Life Stages

The Common Good Fund is where TCC helps its members with various cash grants at different stages of their lives.

Members will have access to grants such as Marriage Grant, Baby Bonuses,

Annual Scholarship & Bursary Award, Hospitalization Grant, Wellness Basket, and more.

In order to benefit from these grants, members must show a consistent record of saving into their TCC Savings Account monthly for a period of 12 months before the claim.

Alternatively, Ordinary members have to maintain a minimum of $1,000 in their Subscription Savings Account.

Additionally, members also get to enjoy various other privileges from TCC’s partner companies.

TCC’s Financial Services

TCC provides the following financial services to all Singaporeans and as well as Singapore permanent residents.

1. Education Loan

With the goal of helping people complete their education, TCC provides a local education loan with a 2.2% p.a. interest rate and overseas education with a 4.5% p.a interest rate.

2. Marriage Loan

Supporting Singaporean couples to make the most of their big day, TCC offers soon-to-be-married couples a 5% p.a. marriage loan with a maximum loan amount of up to 6 times of combined monthly income.

3. Renovation Loan

Owners of a flat may secure a renovation loan of up to 6x combined monthly income (capped at $30,000) with a 4% p.a. interest rate. In addition, renovation loan applicants can also opt for an additional Furnishing Loan of up to $5,000.

4. Personal Loan

For Singaporeans and Singapore permanent residents chasing their dreams, TCC offers a personal loan with a 6.99% p.a. interest rate.

5. Consolidation Loan

TCC offers a consolidation loan to help Singapore citizens as well as Singapore permanent residents clear off outstanding balances with various financial institutions and/or credit cards.TCC’s Consolidation Loan is kept at an affordable interest rate of 4% p.a.

TCC’s mission is to provide affordable financial services and help its members and their families with various cash grants. True to their word, TCC Credit Co-operative is here to assist Singaporeans and Permanent Residents from dreams to struggles, from closing debt and starting anew in all stages of their lives.