Financial Crisis

For over 10 years we are, with effort and sacrifice, facing the extraordinary period of the economic crisis that continues with various problems and fewer job opportunities (above all) but it is also true that the word crisis does not have a negative meaning but we humans wrongly attribute it to him.

Body: Let’s, first of all, analyze this not so terrible word as we describe it. The crisis comes from the Greek “krino” = separate, judge, evaluate. It basically means that period in which we call into question some things, opportunities to better evaluate the choices and our decisions. So in a more positive sense of the term, it is equivalent to saying a change and change we always know that it brings suffering.

Redefining your lifestyle

The crisis has hit many middle families. If before these could live in the upper-middle-range, now these live in the middle-low range if not in poverty. An essential thing that the crisis puts us is to identify our basic daily needs without going into the superfluous. You must choose and sacrifice what you do not need. If you are in the family, you will have to draw up a family budget that helps you to take into account and keep an eye on the revenue but especially the outputs. Small daily precautions will help to save and improve the general family situation. For the right Financial Crisis, this is the best option.

Small daily choices

Walk on foot or by bicycle, or make the annual bus pass where possible or use an electric car (you will not pay for stamps, insurance or petrol) as well as keeping an eye on household expenses such as low-energy home lights or State facilities: there are some that the most clever and informed will have already taken into consideration. Buying online in addition to saving you the exit home, there are numerous discounts especially at certain times of the year. Also, remember, whatever your income is, save 10% of the total.

Reduce consumption

In general, it is important to reduce consumption. Get out of that perverse mechanism that wants our every action transformed into an act of consumption, which has seen us lose the status and rights of citizens to take on that of consumers. We have to reduce consumption not because we are forced to shrink from the economic crisis, rather the opposite is true, and the crisis has opened our eyes to a perverse and absurd way of conceiving our existence. Many newspapers endeavor to look for the most effective methods to spend less, ignoring the fact that it is impossible to get out of the crisis – which in fact should be called ‘decline’ – without questioning some pivotal points of contemporary society and our lifestyles. Getting out of the crisis must also include daily gestures and relatively simple choices.

Smart shopping

Today more and more people feel the need to go shopping without putting the health and the environment at risk. Also, you must be careful not to buy too much-advertised products (so pay “the logo”) or that derive from the exploitation or oppression of people. In a hypothetical transparent market, the price and the label would express all the components that form a product, the true cost of raw materials, their quality, and the consequences of production on the environment. When we enter a store, let’s try and buy only that that we had set ourselves, without being influenced by salespeople or publicity.

Save Energy

Energy saving is the set of behaviors, processes, and interventions that allow us to reduce the consumption of energy necessary for the performance of the various activities. Savings can be obtained both by modifying our habits, in order to avoid waste, and using technologies that can transform energy from one form to another more efficiently and improving energy efficiency.


The society in which we live has profoundly changed the need for belonging, the need to put roots inherent in its social and collective nature remains unchanged in man. Taking care of the place where we live means in a sense also taking care of ourselves. To know people, Of course, you cannot do it alone. It is necessary to know the people who live near us because changing all together is easier. To defeat the crisis also means to reject the model of the “society of individuals”, in which everyone is alone and relations with others must be regulated, like anything else, by the free flow of money.

The financial and economic crisis we are experiencing is certainly a delicate moment for the civil life of our society. In fact, there are many people and families who are in serious condition today difficulty in maintaining their standard of living. At this juncture, it is essential that society and policies are taken on by the demand for solidarity and justice that comes from the most disadvantaged. There is a responsibility towards those who, in our environments, find themselves dangerously close to subsistence levels or perhaps already below them, but also towards many who in the South of the world have been living such a dramatic condition for some time.

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