Travel discounts

The holiday season is coming with the schools closed, temperatures rise, the days are longer and even in tight budget and time you can’t help but think about taking the kids on vacation. But how to choose and how to comb through the best offers of travel discounts on the web?

We will here discuss the best offers and discounts you can avail on a road trip in the American West at a lower cost! Flights, hotels, museums, show these promotions concern all sectors of activity related to tourism in the US West Coast States.

Groupon, the holidays are bought in groups

Maybe the banner on the front page with the words “luxury hotel deal” is a bit perplexing but we are talking about offers and not low prices. Groupon is most sought after on the websites (Google Trends data) in connection with the holiday offers. On the portal, there are flash deals.

The holiday home, why not!

For those traveling low-cost, the question of “hotel” is a big problem. The quality standard of hotels in America is lower than in Italy. In big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, it’s hard to find a decent room at a reasonable price that has a private bathroom! Almost all the structures in central areas have rooms with shared bathrooms. Cleaning is not the best. If you want to save money you have to adopt a lot. San Francisco is the most expensive city among those we have visited.

The United States How To Pay, Cash Or Cards?

As for the euro/dollar exchange rate, although it is favorable at the moment, it is important to know that in America the commissions are very high and the best proposal that you will find in the money changes of cities and airports is 1: 1. Look for a bank, commissions are lower than money changes. The most convenient thing is to withdraw at ATMs. With prepaid cards, you can withdraw at ATMs but you can’t pay directly in shops, restaurants, and hotels. Except in exceptional cases, in the US the POS does not provide for the insertion of the pin code, the cards are swiped and just, moreover, it is difficult that they accept cards without name and surname written above. The aspect of travel discounts happens to be quite important in this case now.

Car Rental Or Public Transport?

In the United States, it is easy to get around by public transport. Domestic flights have affordable prices, the trains are cheap but slow, and then there are buses that are quite fast and obviously the cheapest means.

Promos or discount codes to cut off on your tour budget

All these offers come with a specific promo code and all of them have discount rates which expires with time. Please check for the expiry date of the offer before you attempt to avail of it.

1. Offers on concerts and shows: To celebrate the launch of the new site, there is an offer of an exclusive code which is valid for a discount of 5% on any order, without minimum purchase.

2. Offers on airport shuttle: If you wish to take an airport transfer to San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, here is a 5% discount valid for any type of car (shuttle, car, and limousine) available on airport Shuttle websites.

3. Offers on your travel photography: When returning from your road trip, if you want to make a photo album, an enlargement, or other you can easily avail coupon code for that too from some specific photography website, which may give you up to 25% of discount.

4. Promotion at Park & Trip: Park & Trip offers long-term parking at great value for money and can offer you up to 10% discount. Please note that the 10% discount includes parking of course, but also cleaning, maintenance or repairs.

5. Offer on air travel: In order to take advantage of the new LATAM direct air link, now connecting Santiago and Cusco, there are offers available for travelers, covering the cost of the flight, so that they can experience the Explora in Chile and Mexico. In addition to this coupon, there is a10% discount on the total value of your reservation.

Organizing a trip to the USA at a low cost is difficult, but not impossible! In cases of a long stay, avoid overnight stays at the hotel where possible! For example: if you need to make a long journey, opt for a train or a night bus, in order to save the cost of a night at the hotel. Or if you have a night flight or inconvenient time, try to wait at the airport, it would not be worth giving night at the hotel to actually sleep a few hours.

Last Words:

To save money on food, unfortunately, you have to often resort to fast food and prefer other types of cuisines like the Mexican one that is not overly expensive and is quite decent. If you can, buy directly in supermarkets, prices are significantly lower. In most cities (including Las Vegas) from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, restaurants, and bars offer Happy Hour, where food and alcoholic beverages are sold at half price. Water is expensive. A small bottle of the worst brand costs around $ 1. The best brands cost from $ 3 to $ 5 (we talk about bottles of less than a liter). Near the public baths of points of tourist attraction, airports, parks, stations, and beaches you will find drinking fountains where you can fill the bottles. When you find them, avail them.

There are numerous ways to travel around the US on a budget. Whether you want to avail of all the travel discounts or splurge a bit more, there are always ways to cut your expenses and focus your spending on what matters most to you.